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New Financial Support to Nurses Returning to Practice, Up to $10,000


The province is making it easier for internationally educated nurses to work in B.C’s health-care system with new financial supports and a faster, more efficient assessment pathway. 

Internationally educated nurses (IENs) will no longer be required to pay application and assessment fees upfront, which cost more than $3,700. These fees will be covered directly by the Province in order to remove financial barriers for internationally educated workers who want to work in B.C.

The Province is also providing new financial support to nurses returning to practice after a period of absence. Nurses looking to return to practice will be reimbursed for the reinstatement application fee, and more than $4,000 in financial support will also be available to cover assessment and eligible travel costs for nurses taking assessments in order to re-enter the workforce through bursaries in exchange for committing to work in the B.C. health-care system.

Nurses returning to practice will also be eligible to access as much as $10,000 in bursaries for any additional education required for returning to practice.  

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